Newmarket businesses advised to look East
20th July 2010
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A new report urges businesses across Newmarket and the East of England to look towards China, Russia and Eastern Europe for opportunities for overseas trade and investment.


The report, published by the East of England Development Agency, outlined that businesses within Newmarket and the Eastern Region of England had performed better than their regional counterparts in export and overseas trading over the past 10 years.


It concluded that whilst markets remain highly competitive overseas, there are still vast opportunities for businesses within Newmarket and the East of England to capitalise on the growing need for companies who specialise in intricate sectors such as medicines or recycling.


Glenn Athey, director of Insight East who helped compile the reort, commented: "Exports are a crucial part of the regional economy and it is important we know, in detail, how the different sectors are performing so that we can equip businesses with the support they need to grow."

 “The report shows that the East of England punches above its weight compared to the rest of the UK in terms of how we compete internationally."
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