Newmarket Brass Brilliants Celebrate 100 Years Strong!
18th May 2011
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There’s not many things that still sound this good at 100 years old, but Newmarket’s finest are still together after 100 years of bringing music to the ears of many, and there is no sign of Wicken Brass Band hanging up their music sheets any time soon!


To celebrate this fantastic achievement, there are reunions and a concert being held on the 11th June and also an exhibition to take you through the band across the ages. in addition, the website has some fantastic images of years gone by to really get your nostalgia going!


There is a full run down of the band's engagements on their website, plus the story of how they came to be 100 years old in 2011.


Take a trip down memory lane and celebrate a local community achievement with the Wicken Brass Band, and long may it continue!


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