Ladies and gents of Newmarket, get ready for the 'Cuban hip movement'!
24th February 2011
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Designs for an exotic get away this summer? Perhaps a wedding is on the horizon and you or your partner don’t quite have the moves to take to the dance floor?



Salsa Dancing has come to Newmarket to bring you up to rhythmic speed and bring out your inner passion!



The Rutland Arms Hotel in Newmarket is playing host to this Latino lesson in dance, every week on Thursday at 7.45pm.



Salsa is a great way to keep in shape, and a fantastic mid- week activity to keep your spirits up until the weekend with explosive moves, passionate scores of music and quick progression!



Learn new steps, belly rolls, your trios and your quatros! Why stay in? Dazzle your friends with your new found confidence and rhythm, and spice up your Thursdays in a rather grey UK... "Echale Salsita!"

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