Kadouchski runs to victory in Newmarket Town Plate
8th September 2011
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Newmarket is no stranger to winners, and in the Newmarket Town Plate, trainer John Berry’s prized Kadouchski was the first to take the finish line in a very proud win.



A late entrant to the race, the 7 year old 4 legged friend of Berry’s did him proud in the prestigious race, earning Berry silverware, his face in the media, and a box of Newmarket’s finest sausages!



The race is 25 lengths long, and so by no means an easy race. Open to amateur racers and above the race could have been anyone’s, and has a long standing history in Newmarket, and so this win for the pair could be the best last minute decision a man could have made! Now who says acting on impulse doesn’t pay off?



Not John Berry with a little nudge from his wife!  

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