Go local and meet new customers!
29th April 2010
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Networking within your local area has long been viewed as the best way to meet potential new customers and form lasting business relationships.


Many successful networkers find the extra exposure it offers their business essential to their future growth and it has been found that business leaders who regularly network are often more knowledgable about the challenges and pitfalls that operating in that particular locale can produce.


Networking in Newmarket is largely covered by the highly popular weekly Coffee Morning event that takes place at the Rutland Arms Hotel every Thursday morning from 10am, but there are others out there and further afield.


The Coffee Morning aims to bring together businesses and professionals from across Newmarket in a relaxed environment where discussion and referals are encouraged. 


The Best of Newmarket regularly lists details of local business networking events on our Events Directory, so be sure to check back regularly to find an event in your area or industry.

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