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11th December 2012
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Christmas is just around the corner, and if you're anything like me, that box of cards you bought to write and send is still lying on the spare bed along with the wrapping paper. Cards will be sent but it may be more of a 'post them through the door myself as I hurtle around Newmarket during the twilight hours' situation…

However, you can get your kids into the spirit of the season by getting them involved in making some christmas tree decorations and cards for all the family (thereby also alleviating your guilt at not sending a 'proper' on through the post). And with the school holidays coming up, it's also a nice way of keeping the little ones entertained for a few hours. Not only do they make great, inexpensive personalised presents, but they are a lot cheaper than a family ticket to the cinema or a couple of games of bowling. 

Hand/Footprint Cards

If you have younger kids then you can make some wonderful personalised christmas cards with some paint and a little imagination. Get hold of some card, whatever colour you like, and some water based paint. 

A black footprint, with the heel at the top can easily be made into a wintery penguin, with the addition of eyes, a beak and some cotton wool for his white tummy. Or using a darker card, a white footprint gives you a great snowman whilst two hand prints side by side, make great antlers for a Rudolph! And your family will love the handmade card from your little one.

Salt Dough Tree Decorations

Another creative project that needs you to do a just bit of preparation but is sure to delight the children!

Mix up some salt dough with one part salt, one part water and two parts flour. Mix and then knead into a smooth consistency. Then roll it out and using cookie cutters, or your own artistic ability, cut out the shapes you want. Don't forget to make a hole in the top for some ribbon. Then either microwave for three minutes or an oven on its lowest setting for a couple of hours to dry and harden or leave in a warm place for three days. 

Then it's time to crack out the paints, and let your kids have some fun making them look great.

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