Could our children be future Olympic athletes? Let's get them swimming!
30th May 2012
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The Olympics are fast approaching; an exciting time for most. I for one have the schedule printed out and pasted to my kitchen wall. It’s times like these, when the whole country is getting sports-mad, that I sometimes wonder why I didn’t get more involved in sports when I was a little younger.


Luckily, I have a child who I can gently encourage to get involved in activities that will not only keep her fit but can provide many hours of enjoyment. 


Currently the Olympic torch is making its way around Great Britain on the lead up to what promises to be a fantastic event. The torch will pass through Newmarket on day 50 of the relay, Saturday 7th July 2012. So how can we get our children involved in the Olympics? Most children enjoy sports; all you have to do is find out which one interests them the most.


Athletes from across the world will be competing in the Olympics involving sports such as running, swimming, gymnastics, football, tennis, and many more. There are plenty of clubs in the local area that are keen to nurture young talent.


And of course, there’s swimming. Whether it be in the sea or your local pool, most children love swimming. Those children who have not yet learnt, often long to have the confidence to jump into a pool with their friends.


Swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit, have fun and also is an essential life skill. It is also my favourite sport in the Olympics. Luckily for those who wish to learn how to swim, within just a few miles of Newmarket there is a swimming school to be proud of. Elite Swimming Academy teaches children age three to thirteen to swim with confidence. Providing outstanding swimming tuition and coaching, the swimming school offers weekly lessons throughout term times, and intensive courses during half term and holidays. Half term is upon us, so why not sign up your child for an intensive course of aqua fun?


Now all you have to do is patiently wait for the Olympics to begin. Come on Team GB. Enjoy.

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