BBC casts eye over Brightlingsea for Inside Out
18th February 2010
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The small coastal town of Brightlingsea made headlines nationwide when its port was chosen to export live animals across the sea to Europe and beyond.

The BBC's regional magazine show, Inside Out, investigates how this location became a milestone for the ever growing animal rights movement and how many local residents were moved to join the protest.

The export of live animals from Brightlingsea

Initially welcomed by the small town as an opportunity for increased trade and urban development, the export of live animals from the port was seen by many to be a form of cruelty towards the animals and drew protestors from around the UK, who launched a campaign to stop the operation.

Many local residents who joined the protest had not been involved in any form of political action before. One Brightlingsea woman remembers how she joined the protest after seeing the heads of cattle through the sides of the lorries as they passed through the narrow streets that lead to the port.

BBC Reporter, Colleen Harris travels to Brightlingsea to meet those affected by the protests and also to find out whether after the trade ceased here, did it move elsewhere?

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Inside Out, Monday 22nd February, 7:30pm, BBC One

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