A dog is not just for Christmas!
22nd September 2012
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Considering buying a dog as a Christmas present this year? Why not consider puppy training classes as a little extra to make sure your pup becomes a happy, loyal and obedient addition to your family.

Dani Moran explains her reasoning...

With the weather turning colder every day, many over enthusiastic children are thinking about their Christmas wish list and are preparing to write their letter to Santa.

Every year, my sister writes her Christmas Wish list and addresses it to Santa. Her list always consists of a few ‘little’ gift requests and then the one ‘main’ gift, as she calls it. She never expects to receive any of the items on her list but only hopes she will be lucky enough to receive one of them.

Every year the requests are different apart from the one ‘main’ gift.

Dear Santa,

I hope you and your reindeer are well this year and have been having fun preparing for Christmas. I know you must be tired flying around the world so I will leave you some carrots for the reindeers and some milk and cookies to keep you going on Christmas Eve.

If you have done most of your deliveries there is some beer in the fridge. I don’t recommend drinking and flying though, unless you have autopilot.

I have kept up to date with my school work and have been trying really hard to keep my room tidy. I promise that there really are some borrowers living in my walls who keep messing it up.

Wish List:

  • A new coat
  • Hair bobbles 
  • PJ’s 
  • Justin Bieber CD 
  • A dog 

Any of these would be great,

Thank you.

You may have guessed that my sister is eleven and also quite funny. This is last year’s list; you may also have guessed that item number five is the one ‘main’ gift that appears on the list each year.

Every year she casually mentions to mum that she has asked Santa for a dog, and every year my mum explains that Santa will get her a dog when she is old enough to look after it herself.

We have all heard the saying ‘A dog is not just for Christmas’. This year is the year that there will be a new addition to our family. We are looking forward to having a loving and loyal canine companion. We have also discussed the downside of having a dog. When people have issues with their dogs it is often down to a lack of training.

For this very reason, we will be attending puppy training classes with our new family member. Barking Mad Dog Training in Bury St Edmunds has been established for over 15 years. Classes are held every Thursday evening at 7.20pm.

If you have a puppy that you want to train to be obedient and happy then please consider attending Barking Mad Dog training classes. If you already have a dog and you are having troubles with excessive barking, lead pulling or any other issue then pop along, the experienced staff will be happy to help you try to resolve any problem.

So if you are considering buying a dog as a Christmas present, then why not consider dog training classes with Barking Mad Dog Training as an extra present?

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