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Chocolate Grape, Northumberland

I had the pleasure of meeting Tim from Chocolate Grape about a year ago, at this stage the idea of a website was daunting as I had no idea of what I wanted or how to achieve a finished website. Unlike everybody else, who only seem interested in getting the the money out of you, Tim took the time and was great from the beginning. We had a series of short discussions regarding the site and I gave him a few examples of sites I liked and he got to work. Within a few weeks he had produced me six sample pages in varying styles all of which would have been suitable, he then guided me through the process of choosing, meaning ultimately I Got a great looking site that did what I wanted. Once the site was up and running he gave me constant advice and suggestions on how to improve our google ranking and to increase our hit rate. We now receive over 700 hits a month from our information site which I have no doubt will continue improving as the months pass. I canʼt thank Tim enough for all his hard work and efforts and even after the site was up and running he has offered continual help. As a result of the service that Tim has given me I was pleased to go back and see him regarding having an online shop built which will be ready to use shortly. To see my great site go to Thanks again Tim