Double Glazed Windows: Secure Your Home
30th July 2013
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To say that there are many reasons to have double glazed windows installed at your home would be a definite understatement - after all, the reasons include seemingly everything from easy maintenance to greater energy efficiency. But how often do you hear people talking about the very real security benefits of these windows?

The obvious security advantage of double glazed windows is simply the presence of two panes of glass, the sight of which is a sufficient deterrent for many intruders. Burglars don't like to make too much noise, and they definitely would if they had to smash through more than one pane of glass. However, many of the rest of double glazing's security benefits depend on your exact choice of supplier.

Window frames, for example, are an obvious target for prospective intruders, so their design should bear this in mind. For example, leading installers Warmseal incorporate a Thermlock insulated reinforcement system into their windows, with its strength having been proven to be many times greater than aluminium or steel.

You'll also need to ensure that the locks are up to scratch on your windows, with Yale having recently developed the Anti-Snap cylinder that brings a heightened level of protection against the most recent form of euro profile cylinder attack. This new form of attack does not require expert knowledge or specialist equipment, which led to Yale's recognition of the need for better protection.

However, you don't need to remember all of the different security innovations when you are deciding on a double glazing supplier. Instead, simply choose systems that are either Kitemarked or BBA certified and carry the Secured by Design logo. Your chosen double glazing company should be able to confirm in writing all of the security standards that it has met.

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