A More Energy Efficient Way To Heat Your Home
25th October 2013
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Most householders are becoming more aware that traditional convection heating is insufficient to keep their homes warm, not to mention very expensive to run too. With this in mind consider infrared heating that provides the right amount of heat needed and the temperature required for your surroundings. They are suitable for the home or office especially when installed by recommended online companies. There are many benefits in having, new to the market, infrared heaters such as:


Infrared heaters only heat parts of your home or office that you use at any one time. There’s no need to heat your entire home which will save you money on heating bills. In fact bills to heat your property can be reduced by as much as 30%-50%. It’s worth noting that savings do depend on installation, ceiling height, type of construction and other factors.

More energy efficient

Infrared heating panels use a much lower amount of energy than conventional heaters. They can operate on as low as 300W of electricity while 800W is enough power to provide heating for any size room. The product is designed with reflective metal which transfers almost 100% of the heat created so there’s no need to turn on a heater in advance to pre-heat your home or office.

Quick heat recovery time

In general space heaters usually require a long cooling down time between turning on and off. However infrared heating will still provide the heat required no matter how long it’s been switched off for.

Minimum maintenance – let’s face it no-one likes the task of cleaning heating appliances. With infrared heating there are no moving parts so maintenance is kept to a minimum which will also save you cash in the long run.

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