8 Questions and answers about online therapy
  • Avlon Park
  • Thursday 22nd November, 3:07am - Until Friday 15th February, 10:22am
Well, research show that online therapy is indeed effective.

Is online therapy effective?

Well, research show that online therapy is indeed effective. Of course, you have to define what “effective” means to you, but definitely it works. It is not some kind of deception, it is real thing. But don’t expect too much from it, be realistic, it can help you a lot, but if you got some serious problems, maybe you should address psychiatrists face to face. Try it and see if it helps you, that is only way to find out, but be careful, online therapy is tricky thing and nowadays anyone can represent himself as a therapist.

Is online therapy for me?

Online therapy can be useful for many people. Basically, anyone who needs support can be user of online therapy services. You move to another city, changed a job, went studying abroad, feel lonely? If it is the case, online therapy is probably good for you. It could be very stressful to move to another city, or even state.

You will have a lot of problems to deal with, and you will probably be alone, so you need someone to support you and to give you a useful advice. There are many other problems in life that could occur to you, so if you feel that you are overwhelmed by negative thoughts maybe you should search for help online. As I said you will not know until you try.

Can online therapy to substitute real one?

The most possible shortest answer is no! Nothing can substitute real face to face therapy. You maybe have serious mental issues, and you cannot cure it on Internet, you need doctor to establish a diagnosis and to find a way to treat it. There are many imperfections in online therapy, such as lack of body language. Maybe you have one, but your online therapist probably cannot see it and it is very important for him.

Can online therapy cause damage?

It could. It has nothing to do with online therapy itself but with therapists and other risks. Online therapy could be dangerous, not because therapy, it will probably not affect your mental state in negative way, but there are many possible treats.

One of them is unskilled or fake therapists. People get their certificates and licenses in various ways these days, so take care of you. Other treat is caused by vulnerability of Internet. Any good hacker can break in your conversation and violate your privacy. So, by going on internet sessions you take this kind of risks.

What methods of online therapy are?

There is couple of ways of providing online therapy sessions. First you can do it by using video calls that is maybe the most efficient one. It is the closest to the face to face therapy, technically it is, but in fact it is much more different. Second way is by phone call. This could be useful, but even less efficient.

You hear voices but you don’t see anyone and our brain is looking for face, that’s why you walk while talking on phone. The last one is by messages or e-mails. Positive side of this kind of therapy is that client has opportunity to make structure of his taught, and therapist has enough time to form the right answer.

Who can be online therapist?

There are two types of online therapists, one with doctoral degrees and second one with non-doctoral degrees. Therapists with doctoral degrees are experts, they are psychotherapists and clinical psychiatrists, and they have more chance to detect disease if there is any. In other hand people with non-doctoral degrees are social workers and others who can only provide you a support, and gives you a piece of advice. But always check if they got license for therapies.

What are advantages of online therapy versus face to face therapy?

Well, even the online therapy cannot substitute the real one; it has a lot of benefits. For example, it is more flexible and practical. You can visit therapy sessions in your own home. Also, it gives you kind of freedom; you are at your home so you don’t care if someone is going to see you when you left therapists’ office. Also, it is proven that people feel more relaxed at home, so they are more honest from the comfort of their rooms. It could make session more efficient. It is much easier to cancel or to postpone online sessions than the live sessions.

Does it pay off?

Online sessions are two to three times cheaper than face to face sessions. Also, you don’t have to waste money on the fuel. Answer on this question depends a lot on what you expect from online therapy. But if you are sure that you don’t have any mental issues, and that you just need support, that you would usually find in nearby psychotherapist office, then it definitely pays off.

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