Who looks after your IT systems during the Christmas Holidays?
13th December 2010
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The Christmas Holidays ideally are a time for leaving all thoughts of work and the office behind you, with most small businesses doing just that until the New Year.

With the run up to these holidays being so busy, with parties, last minute manic completion of work and the keenness to leave it all behind, the lowly IT systems are often the last thing on anyone’s mind.

The horrid thoughts of burglary, power failures and extreme weather conditions upsetting your IT is the last thing most want to consider when leaving the office on Christmas Eve, but are at the forefront of people’s mind on the first day back in the New Year.

It is miserable enough returning back to the office in the New Year without having to face servers that simply will not boot, have been stolen or are sat smouldering in a pool of water.

How many can confidently say they have preventative measures in place to try and avoid some of these issues and how many could rapidly recover their systems using their DR (disaster recovery) plan they have in place?

Netteam Consultants love IT systems and are quite saddened by the thought of many systems throughout Berkshire being forgotten about over the festive holidays and as such would like to encourage all businesses to consider fair treatment of IT prior to leaving the office on Christmas Eve.

Areas such as ensuring backups have run & completed, providing an important part of the DR plan they have in place, that their servers and ancillary equipment are being protected by suitable UPS devices and finally having proactive support systems monitoring any outages that take place over the period, allowing your IT support company to be automatically notified, then rectify problems over this period.

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