What Temperature Do Pipes Freeze And Burst?
15th March 2019
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And mind you, they really bring a lot of inconveniences. They could force you to live uncomfortably in your own house, your pets become a bit grumpy, and your car does not work in the morning. In most cases, you may find it necessary to call for an emergency plumber, especially if your pipes freeze and burst (which is the very last thing you want to happen).

The 20 Degrees Fahrenheit Threshold

According to the International Code Council or ICC, the temperature alert threshold is set at 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This can really be a major headache, especially when it affects your property’s pipes. Keep in mind that once they are frozen, they can be a real threat. And this can go worse if there are prolonged and/or extremely cold temperatures. It can be so devastating that the situation could result in a damaged house. With all things considered, it is safe to say that it pays to be knowledgeable about what temperatures pipes freeze. Even more so, you need to learn how to overcome this situation.

When you notice that the temperature is starting to drop to record lows, keep in mind of these tips. They are exactly what you are going to do if a pipe ends up bursting in your apartment or home.

1. Shut off Water and Electricity

The very first thing you need to do is shut off bot your water and electricity’s main outlets. For the water system, you need to shut offer the main water valve, so go and find it. As much as possible, you should not wait for a burst pipe before you can even find where the location of the main valve is. Also, you should never forget about the electricity, which needs to be cut off as well. If you live in an apartment complex or anywhere where you do not necessarily have control over the water supply, it is important to contact your landlord or building manager right away.

2. Call a Plumber Immediately

Do not wait for things to worsen. As much as possible, you must contact a plumber immediately. Remember, however, that not all plumbing companies are available 24/7. Or perhaps they are available seven days a week, but they are not necessarily able to provide the service overnight. As such, you must have concrete knowledge about which companies are capable of providing you with 24-hours plumbing service. You need to do your own research in advance. That way, when the situation presents itself, you will not be scrambling. You surely do not want to see your house flooded with water.

It is also worth noting that plumbing costs could vary to some degree, which usually depends on where exactly the pipes are located. Even more so, the cost can factor in the frequency of the damage. Moreover, you might find the necessity to get in touch with water damage professional. This one right here can be of huge help if the water has severely damaged the flooring, walls, and even carpeting, among many others.

3. Start Removing Water

Let’s say you have already called a plumber, but it would take him and his team a couple more of a minute before they can arrive. As much as possible, do not wait for them. You need to start removing water in your property. Your goal here is to avoid the possibility of mildew or mold buildup, which can be detrimental to the health of the entire household. This is where you are going to need the likes of buckets, mops, towels, and even a wet/dry vacuum.

4. Allow Your Faucet to Drip

This is also another effective method that can be used to prevent your pipes from bursting. It is as simple as opening your faucet fed by that pipe – a little opening should be enough. By doing so, you are relieving pressure in your water system. If a pipe freezes, remember that it is the pressure created between the faucet and the blockage that causes your pipe to burst. By opening the faucet even just a bit, you are actually helping relieve this pressure and, thus, prevent the pipe from bursting.

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