What are the Different Sizes of Skips for Waste Management?
20th March 2019
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It is actually understandable. After all, hiring a skip comes with tons of things to consider. And given the wide range of various sized skips available, the process can be confusing and daunting. You will really have a hard time knowing which one will be suitable to the capacity and type of waste you need to take care of.

At the end of the day, choosing the right sized skip is essential. If it is too small, your unwanted waste left over would force you to get another one. If it is too large, you might be paying more than you should have spent (not to mention the possibility of taking up unnecessary space on your property or site). So before you go for a skip hire Essex, make sure to have concrete knowledge about the different sizes of skip.

To help you get through this labyrinth, here is a quick guide to the most common skips sizes. Be sure to check them out!

2 Yard Skip

The one right here is the smallest skip available on the market. The so-called “mini” 2 yard skip is capable of accommodating approximately 20 bin bags packed with waste. As such, it is without a doubt the perfect one for small domestic jobs, such as DIY projects and garden tasks.

4 Yard Skip

The 4 yard skip comes with a capacity that is able to accommodate roughly 40 bin bags full of waste. Unlike the aforementioned, this one is perfect for bathroom and kitchen refits. You will even find it quite useful when it comes to major garden clearance projects. Basically, anything that the 2 yard skip is having a hard time to fulfil, the 4 yard skip can do.

6 Yard Skip

If the 2 yard skip and 4 yard skip are unable to get things done, you can always go with the classic builders skip. This skip size is among the most frequently hired skips thanks to its ample space that is able to accommodate around 60 bin bags. And with such capability, the 6 yard skip is ideal for moderate amounts of bulky waste. If you are in to build and construction works, then you will find this skip size extremely helpful. Even those domestic projects that you love from time to time can benefit from it.

8 Yard Skip

If you are working with larger projects, you can definitely find comfort in the 8 yard mega skip. It comes with the ability to accommodate at least 80 bin bags of waste. With its generously proportioned, the skip becomes a perfect choice for tons of works, such as industrial, commercial, domestic, and even major renovation tasks.

12 Yard Skip

A 12 yard skip is able to hold around 120 bin bags of waste. The same thing can be said for large amounts of light to immense waste. This includes, but not limited to, plastics, furniture, and packaging waste. Considering all of these, it is safe to say that this type of skip is the go-to option of most shop fitters, including those in building and manufacturing sites.

17 Yard Skip

17 yard skips, which are known as roll on/roll off skips, are usually famous amongst commercial and industrial sites, thanks to their ability to accommodate larger amounts of waste. This could be anything from construction waste to rubble to garden waste to plastic to metal to soil to wood. And being a large-scale skip, it is very rarely utilized in for any domestic purposes. So if you are planning to go for the latter, you might want to choose the aforementioned ones instead.

35 Yard Skip

The 35 yard skip is perfect for larger volumes common amongst commercial waste producers and large scale construction operations. This extra-large skip is the right option, as it can be used to accommodate the likes of metal, glass, plastics, wood, cardboard, and paper. Even wastes coming from window frames, dry recyclables, builders, and demolition can be well taken care of.

If you are unsure of the right skip size for your project, do not rush yourself into making a decision. Get in touch with a professional and talk to him about your ideas.

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