What are the 10 forms of Positivity?
8th November 2011
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The Ten Forms of Positivity. 

#1. Joy.

Joy feels bright and light. Colours seem vivid and there's a spring in your step. You feel playful and want to jump in and get involved. What brings joy to you?

 #2. Gratitude.

Gratitude opens your heart and carries the urge to give back. However, be mindful of the evil twin (indebtedness). True gratitude is heartfelt and unscripted and feel very different to 'polite'. A great example is the 'Pay it forward' idea.

When was the last time you felt grateful, truly and openly grateful? 

#3 Serenity.

Serenity is low key, it's when you let out a long sigh because your circumstances are comfortable and relaxing. You want to sit back and soak up the moment. Serenity is often the 'after glow' emotion and comes on the heels of other forms of positivity. when did you last savour a perfect moment

 #4 Hope.

Most positivity arises when you feel safe and calm. Hope is the exception. Hope comes into play when things are looking down and difficult. “fearing the worst but yearning for better”. Hope can sustain you and consider that possibilities exist. It motivates you tap into the ‘possible’ and create vision which can drive action. Hope is a place from which to drive change and focus energy. Do not plan to hope; use hope as the catalyst for change. Every journey begins with the first step. When was the last time hope motivated you to take action? 

 #5 Interest.

This one’s very personal for me as it was the one my dear old Granddad used a lot. Although everything is going well, something new draws your attention. You’re utterly fascinated and feel compelled to learn more. When you’re interested you feel open and alive; your horizons are expanding and you are too. When you’re interested you can loose track of time and be immersed in the moment. When did interest last draw you to something new? 

 #6 Pride. 

Pride, the called ‘self-conscious emotion’. It’s the opposite of blame for bad; it’s when we’re to blame for something good. As such pride has a mixed reputation; uncheck, Pride becomes hubris. However, tempered with humility Pride is clearly a positive emotion. 

 #7 Amusement.

Amusement is social. Like a yawn, laughter is highly contagious. Those who laugh more often, are more optimistic and happier. Make someone laugh and spread the word... 

 #8 Inspiration.

Inspiration is seeing better possibilities. Feeling inspired rivets your attention and makes you want to express what’s good and you want to do good yourself. It pulls us out of our shell look outwards from ourselves. Can you think of a time when made the choice to be inspired? 

 #9 Awe.

Awe is goodness on a GRAND scale Your literally feel overwhelmed by greatness and are momentarily transfixed. Closely linked with Gratitude and Inspiration it’s an emotion which is self-transcendent. It compels us to see ourselves as part of something much larger. What has transfixed you with Awe? 

 #10 ????

When we add all these up what could we call it??? 

One thought on number 10 is that a combination of 1-9 could be the beginning of Love. 


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