Vape Economics in the UK
12th March 2019
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In the UK, vaping has been doted on with several facts showing how much healthier it is than smoking.  Fortunately, this means that the opportunity is rife to start up a business.  If you have the start up capital, you could find yourself in charge of your own vape shop.  Keep these types on the economics of starting your own vape shop in the UK.

First and foremost, keep in mind the government.  With any business entity, you will need to follow the structure put forth by the UK law on every level.  This means you will need to pay taxes on everything, acquire mandated licenses and permits, and comply with regulation and business requirements.  Your first order of business should be to research your local laws and make a list of each one of these expenses, as they are unavoidable.

After you take care of the business legal side, you will want to do some research into your startup.  This means finding a location where you will start, how much and what you will do for marketing, special promos, and vendors you will use for stock.  You can spend as much or as little as you want for marketing and materials, but you should at least have some way of creating a buzz about your business.  Plus, there are hundreds of flavors and manufacturers to choose from.

Once you have those requirements out of the way, you will need to start on your start up costs.  These consists primarily of the brick and mortar building, three months of utility coverage, and enough money to cover your initial inventory.  Rent is going to vary depending on where you are at, London will be more expensive than the rural side of things.  Keep these costs in mind when you are setting up shop.  Keep in mind that you will need cash to operate on until you turn a profit.

The inventory may be the largest investment to get started.  You will want to have a good variety of flavors like milkman vape to choose from.  Having a large selection will give you versatility and a good foothold in the market.  You may also want to stockpile a few of various mods, pens, and other vapes to give a range for potential customers.  This may sound like a lot, and it is.  You should set aside at least 35,000 euros to get your shop off the ground.  Include more if you plan on having employees.

Will the 35,000 be enough?  It will put a decent chunk into it and at least cover the basics.  The primary costs concerns are taxes and permits, utilities and building, and inventory.  Also, go ahead and put a chunk of funds aside for insurance, salary, and contingency.  Above all though, even if you have the funding, make sure to do the research before you start on  your new business venture.  If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

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