Trouble at the Dog Show!
16th September 2010
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Manny Morton’s Mongrel

I love the local Dog-a-thon; it takes place every year
It’s usually such a fun time, full of laughter and good cheer,
There are greyhounds, sheepdogs, poodles, and retrievers by the score,
Labradors and basset hounds, now who could ask for more?

But this year there was trouble; all took place within the ground,
Caused by Manny Morton’s Mongrel, Jake, a most peculiar hound,
He was watching Toots the Yorkie, with her fetching bright pink bow,
Being groomed by owner, Dot, who enters Toots for every show,

Dot was leaning forward and displaying ample thighs,
When Manny Morton’s Mongrel gave her quite a wet surprise,
She shrieked; and Toots just bolted; with Dot clutching at her lead,
Her troubled cries increasing, as her Yorkie picked up speed,

Then Manny Morton’s Mongrel chased them both on to the course,
Dot was scaling obstacles and jumping over gorse,
Toots then found the see-saw, rested briefly on one end,
As Manny Morton’s Mongrel came so quickly round the bend,

He jumped upon the see-saw with a certain style and flair,
And Toots, complete with bow, flew fifteen feet into the air,
She soared for quite a while and when she finally came back down,
She landed in a cow pat and began to roll around,

Her nice pink bow was all askance; she rolled around in style,
While Manny Morton’s Mongrel Jake, just waited, with a smile,
Dot was flapping both her arms; she rushed towards her pet,
“Get off her, she’s a pedigree; it’s just not etiquette,”

Too late; the Mongrel got there first, with Toots he started mating,
The medics crowded round, as Dot now needed some sedating,
Toots was very vocal; the crowd started to applaud her,
Judge Hughes came to the scene and cried “Now can we have some order?”

Manny Morton’s Mongrel was by this time quite replete,
So settled for a little doze right on the Judge’s feet,
The smell of cow pat wafted up; the Judge let out a shout,
He pointed at the Mongrel “You’re disqualified, get out!”

Manny lost his temper then, and shouted at the judge,
“My Mongrel has done nothing wrong; you snobs have such a grudge,”
Then Manny Morton’s Mongrel looked disdainfully at Judge Hughes
And slowly, with deep feeling, left a puddle on his shoes.

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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