Trick or Treat? "Halloween" poem by Jan Jack of Perfect Verse
28th October 2010
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It’s that haunting time of year again, we’ve come to Halloween

I know some people love it, to be honest, I’m not keen,

I can’t make home made costumes and I cannot tell a lie,

I don’t like ghouls or ghosties and I don’t like Pumpkin Pie,

I don’t like wizened wizards and I don’t like Trick or Treat,

With my path crammed full of ghostly folks I just don’t want to meet,

But I do put fruit aside for them; or chocolate treats instead,

‘Cos another thing I hate, are rotten eggs thrown at my head,

And I thought it was for youngsters; they get older every year,

The last Trick or Treaters calling here were clutching cans of beer,

 I don’t think they’ll be back, as they were clearly not amused,

When all they got were lollipops and tiny penny chews,

I must confess to being perturbed; my night was not enriched,

When, despite not wearing fancy dress, they still called me a witch,

But this year, Halloween, I know, will be a certain winner,

‘Cos I’m turning all the lights out and I’m going out to dinner.


©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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