To Be A Wise Man .. Entertaining Christmas Poetry from Jan Jack
12th December 2011
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To Be a Wise Man


I’m a humble wise man, I bring frankincense and gold,

And a thermal vest for Mary, as it’s very very cold,

I’ve had a lot of deadlines and these days I’m such a blur

But I have a small conundrum; what the bloody ‘ell is myrrh?


I’ve checked in all the dictionaries, I’ve counted on my toes

I’m supposed to be a wise man, but I’m soon to be exposed,

I’ve asked around the stable; now I’m getting in a tizz,

Nobody has heard of myrrh, they don’t know what it is!


Anyway I’ve got to go, I’ve such a lot to do,

The stables need a clean as they’re just full of donkey poo

And Mary needs some help, she knows I’ve travelled oh so far,

But she’s asked me to wash nappies and to sterilise a jar,


And I need to counsel Joseph, as there seems to be some doubt

About the new born’s parentage, we need to sort that out….


©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010


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