Tips when designing a new e-commerce website and why responsive design is so important
15th March 2019
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You’ve invested a lot of thought and planning the budget for creating your own entrepreneur website. Yes, you are thinking that all that remains is to choose an excellent ecommerce web designer, and then you can take a big step. If you want a successful website, there are plenty of things to do before it is finally going to get underway.

Before building your website, you have to plan carefully – poor planning will cost you time, money and effort in the future. And worst of all, it can cost your customers if you don’t impress them by your initial offer. We’ve listed the top things to do before embarking on a new ecommerce web design. Be patient to consider these elements. You can devote more time to make your website successful and less time compensating for errors.

Set the Target Site

  1. Is it to sell items from your offline store or strictly prefers to sell through your online store?
  2. Is it to inform people?
  3. It is for information to help you get leads?
  4. Its aim will be to determine all other decisions at the start of your building your first ecommerce website.

Know your Target Market

Clarify this from the beginning, as it will affect your subject, design, content, search engine optimization, usability and your ability to find clients offline. So what we are saying is, almost everything revolves around your specific target market. Avoid just building a website with no idea on who you will be targeting.

Define the Design

The theme should reflect the purpose of your website and reach your target market in a way that best speaks to them. Create a topic that describes through the design and content as your company will meet the needs of its customers.

Knowing the Cost

How long does it take to get your website up and running? How much is needed to keep it going for a month? In the long run, your site should make money, not cost more than what you invested in it.

How long will this development take?

How long does it take to build your online shopping site? What will you have to complete before its initial release? How many hours will be involved in maintenance?

Why Is A Responsive Design So Important for Ecommerce Sites?

Ecommerce experts have stated that responsive design is now considered as common standard practice for a large number of websites on the web, especially e-commerce websites. It is believed to provide an array of benefits such as in Google search engine rankings, an improvement in online-sales and most importantly in providing a better more user-friendly experience.

Since there are by this time growing numbers of individuals capable of accessing with the use of latest technology, e-commerce websites are now on their edge of achieving success. But they must make sure that they are to consider a responsive design.

Benefits of Responsive Design

There are numbers of benefits or importance of responsive design for an e-commerce site. The first advantage could be having only one single website wherein there is no need for you or your web developer to develop another site compatible with all the mobile device and tablets. There will only be a single set of website templates.

The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) will change how the information will be displayed instead of physically adjusting the look and feel of the existing website.

A fully fledge responsive web-design could also assist with great user experience regardless of what kind of device they may be used to access it. Even if it’s a tablet, desktop or mobile users will not be prevented or hindered from accessing the e-commerce website. And this may lead to a positive increase in sales since numbers of customers are now able to browse the website.

In addition, responsive design could definitely improve the optical-visual element. Though you are to use numbers of break-points, your site will still perfectly fit the browser or screen of whatever size of the device the users will be using.

Users are provided with the chance to access your e-commerce website on ways they choose.  Responsive design could as well be important once you are thinking of time and money. It could cut down the total cost spend since you are not to maintain some other versions of your site. In long term point of view, investing with a responsive design could really be a smart decision.

Disadvantages of Responsive Design

And there are still numbers of benefits that responsive design could provide to an e-commerce website. Ecommerce development company Comalytics also mentioned that on the other hand, there are as well some potential issues with regards to responsive design but the said issue could be considered as fixable.

One among those potential issues could be the speed issue, most especially with those mobile devices that have a problem with oversized-images. But with the use of some online tools this issue could easily be addressed. For the site to be as fast as possible, the images could be resized or even totally be removed.

Another issue could be about loading of all the content into similar or the same format. But the case could easily be resolved through removing excess characters and other unnecessary items in order for the site to greatly function in many numbers of devices.

Responsive design could have some drawbacks but could be easily fixed. The best thing about responsive design is that it offers numbers of advantages especially for e-commerce websites. So, without any doubt, responsive design could really be considered by those planning to have e-commerce website.


Using these tips will help make your new ecommerce site not only a success but also very lucrative in the future. In the online ecommerce market, there are many ecommerce web development companies but not all meet the standards that are needed for a project to be successful.

Planning is very important when you start defining certain components that will define the course of the ecommerce-design.

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