Remember Remember - Fun Poem about Bonfire Night by Jan Jack
5th November 2010
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Firework Night


Last year we had a fireworks night; I just don’t understand

How a little get-together could have got so out of hand,

The first one deep in trouble was our poor old family cat,

Being wheeled round in a pushchair, in a purple paper hat,

I quickly bent to help him; my kids giggled with pure glee,

And stuck a toffee apple where one really shouldn’t be


 They all admired the bonfire, where the flames were getting higher,

In part, due to my son, who’d put his school books on the fire,

Our spaniel did a runner; then I saw with some surprise,

She was cowering in the wash bin, with her paws over her eyes

 And as I tried to rescue her; I couldn’t fail to see,

Bald patches, on her nose, just where her whiskers used to be


My husband got quite tiddly; was behaving like a ‘teen’

And did something with the cous cous that was verging on obscene,

My friend said very calmly, “Look, we haven’t got that long,

Calm down and have a drink, ‘cos nothing else can now go wrong,”

Then a shout came from my eight year old; her voice rang loud and clear,

Look! Grandpa’s going to try to launch a rocket from his rear...”

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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