Puddles! - Lighthearted verse by Jan Jack of Perfect Verse
26th August 2010
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I wish with all my heart I’d bought that nice house on the hill,

Not the cottage by the river, where the banks now start to spill,

I look towards my garden, where the water’s getting deeper,

And suddenly I realise, why this house was so much cheaper,


I glance out of my window, from my kitchen snug and dry,

And notice my best fuchsia, as it gaily floats on by,

The bushes swirl below me, they’re all caught up in the flow,

And my faithful rabbit Flopsy, floated past an hour ago,


I look into the garden pond, now full up to the brim,

With a cheery wave to Tiddles; never knew that cat could swim!

And then the heavens open; harder rain begins to pour,

The postman wades right up my path, puts something through my door,


I go into the hallway, there’s a letter on the mat,

It’s limp and very soggy; it just landed with a ‘splat’

The words are wet and blurry, and I have to strain my eyes,

In fact, I read it twice, as it’s a bit of a surprise.


We are running short of water, so be prudent where you can,

We regret to have to tell you that we’ve set a hose pipe ban,

So customers, turn off your taps, use showers, please don’t bath..”

And I look out of my window, and I slowly start to laugh...


©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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