Know about Six Vital Things a Skull Ring Symbolize
7th March 2019
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Even though skull rings have been around since time immemorial, their popularity has recently proliferated, and that too at a considerable pace, thanks to present generation, which simply loves following different fashion trends of celebrities. Most people associate this particular accessory with biker gangs as well as subcultures of 70s, thus, primarily symbolizing danger; there are a few other depictions worth knowing. Please do check out below-mentioned pointers

  • Masculinity

Generally worn by exceptionally macho motorcyclists or mischievous members of underworld, a skull tends to denote major masculine virtues such as agitation, strength, domination, and bravery. Lately I came across an immensely fascinating article where a man has admitted putting on numerous skull rings after he and his wife were diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer. He said that the motif encouraged him to be resilient under all circumstances.

  • Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, a Latin phrase, which means ‘seize the day right away, is ideal for free-spirited people. Although skull is commonly related to death, it also treasures an extremely important message. Since a person has limited time on Earth, he or she must try making most of it by living life to fullest or in other words enjoy as much as possible.

  • After Life

It does not matter if you accept reincarnation as true or not, skull rings are considered memoir of somebody close passing away and the strong belief that there is certainly life after demise. Instead of portraying inevitable nature of death approaching without prior warning, it could surely be perceived as a celebration of existence happening after one reaches God’s paradise.

  • Equality

Skull rings are definite symbol of equality reminding that everyone of us share common fate. Even if you are tremendously rich and have accomplished great things, you also have to leave behind your materialistic possessions someday, and embrace bereavement. When we look at a skull, all we know that it belonged to a person, but we do not know if he or she was attractive or dull, wealthy or impoverished, successful or failure, etc.

  • Rock Lover

If you love rock music, you ought to have your own breathtaking collection of skull rings, which could captivate attention of everyone in absolutely no time. Be it Axel Rose, Steve Tyler or famous Keith Richards of Rolling Stone, every rock star has sported the said accessory at some point. At present a skull ring could be customized; you can add precious gemstones to enhance its beauty a tad bit more,

  • Cool Quotient

Finally, yet importantly, skull rings look utterly cool and could effectually rejuvenate outer appearance of a person. These represent individuality, freedom, and the fact that you do not comply with age-old notions of society. You are capable of making your own rules and living life by them.  Now isn’t that simply amazing?

I sincerely hope the above discussion managed to convince modern-day consumers invest in skull jewelry. It would do good to make purchase from any authentic online outlet as they offer a wide collection for a reasonable price.

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