Friday Fun with the bestofnewbury - Comedic Verse by Jan Jack
7th October 2010
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A  Trip to the Supermarket


I’m shopping in my lunch break and I only have an hour,

I’m whizzing round the supermarket; all I need is flour,

But then I buy some extra bits to make my shopping last,

I pick up speed down aisle three; I’m running pretty fast,

My trolley is quite heavy, so I park it down the aisle,

I collect butter, milk and loo roll, and I start to lose my smile,

My arms are aching, stuffed with goods, and still the pile grows,

But that doesn’t stop me browsing when I wander past the clothes,

Finally I’m finished as I don’t need any more,

So I head back for my trolley, safely parked in aisle four,

But it’s not there, where I left it, and I’m filled with sudden doubt,

I’m still cuddling my shopping, but my trolley’s not about,

It must be here somewhere! I speed back, past the courgettes,

I pass cat litter and collars, and the Woofie Chunks for pets,

Cheddar, gorgonzola, then I whizz down aisle three,

Looking for a trolley, loaded up with hubby’s tea,

Then ‘splat’ - I drop some packets so I start to curse and swear,

My apples roll away, my yoghurt’s splattered everywhere,

I have to go straight back to work, or I’ll be in a fix

So I abandon all my shopping, by the beans, in aisle six,

There’s a trolley sitting somewhere, full of bargains, that’s for sure,

But can someone kindly tell me why it’s not in aisle four?

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010


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