Friday Fun with The Best Of Newbury - Comedy Verse by Jan Jacks
22nd July 2010
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Trouble at the Store






Summer has arrived and now it’s time to keep in trim,

I need a brand new costume, for my early morning swim,

I trot off to the shop; I'll maybe buy a halter neck,

Or something sweet and charming, like a pretty gingham check,

Should I try a nice bikini, in a turquoise or a blue?

But my reflection in the shop, says a bikini just won’t do,

I try a dark grey swimsuit, but it's tight, and far too small,

Gives the shape of a small hippo, and that's just not right at all,

I try the daring halter neck, but much to my chagrin,

My wobbly bits are wobbling; I can’t get them to fit in,

I need to collect the children; this is taking far too long,

The shop has problems with their sizing, it’s so obviously wrong,

And I’m not sure that a daily swim is such a good idea,

As the pool is not that handy, not conveniently near,

And as I look at all the costumes, all discarded, thrown and spread,

I realise that I really need a pair of shoes .....instead.


©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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