Friday Fun with The Best Of Newbury - Comedy Verse by Jan Jacks
29th July 2010
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A Cautionary Tale


I knew a nice removal guy; a sound, hard working man,

He shifted lots of furniture and drove a massive van,

Fussy and particular; he never broke a thing,

He loved to move antiques; he always specialised in Ming,


He’d pack everything in newspaper, his face creased in sunny smiles,

Once his van was loaded, he’d jump in, and drive for miles,

He’d sometimes stop, for egg and chips, as many drivers do,

He’d read his daily paper, have a cup of tea or two,


He was always really busy, whether country, whether town,

People trusted him with their antiques; he’d never turn work down,

But that wasn’t always wise; one day it seems he had a glitch,

He dozed off at the wheel; the poor man drove into a ditch,



That very nice removal man paid dear for his mistake,

He has a stall at Newbury market now; he’s selling Ming Mosaic...


©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2009/10

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