Friday Fun with The Best of Newbury - Comedy Verse by Jan Jack
7th July 2010
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The Birdies in my Garden

In my garden, I hear birdies, they’re all singing in the trees,
Jumping from the branches, feathers ruffling in the breeze,
I always fill their bird bath, but to make their life complete,
I went off to the shops today and bought them birdie treats.

A luxury pack of bird seed and some little suet balls,
A bird feeder to feed from – yes, my birdies had it all,
Then with a cup of tea, I sat and watched them with a smile,
They loved their little treats; I must have sat there for a while,

Contented, I went back indoors; I needed to do more,
A little bit of polishing; perhaps mop the kitchen floor,
Then I noticed it was getting late, and really it was time,
That I brought my nice white washing in, still out there on the line,

I ventured back outside again and off the birdies flew,
Full of seeds and little nuts and feeling good as new,
It was clear to see they’d loved my gifts, it really wasn’t hard
‘Cos across my nice white washing they’d all left their calling card.....

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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