Friday Fun with Jan Jack Poetry on The Best of Newbury
10th September 2010
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My First Disco


I was off to my first disco at the local village hall

Thirteen years old, and I was giving it my ‘all’

I’d washed my hair with Dettol to get rid of all my frizz

It was plastered to my head; I knew I really looked the biz

I added a Ben Sherman shirt and Clarkes Commando shoes

I felt dressed up to the nines; I knew I really couldn’t lose

My friend and I went in; soon I was feeling pretty glad

As I’d noticed I was being surveyed by quite a handsome lad

He didn’t take his eyes off me, ‘twas more than just a glance

He fancied me, I knew that he’d soon ask me for a dance,

He walked across the dance floor; he then stopped right by my side

I looked confident and self-assured, at least, let’s say I tried

His face was quite uncertain, and was filled with puzzled doubt

My friend and I were hoping that you just might help us outt

I smiled at him so shyly, and my heart filled with pure joy

Until he said “Are you a girl? My mate’s convinced that you’re a boy...”

©Jan Jack 2010

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