Friday Fun - Comedic Rhyme by Jan Jacks of Perfect Verse
3rd December 2010
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What Mum Always Said


I’d enjoyed a nice bath; I was lying in repose,

When I noticed a spot on the end of my nose,

It was big, it was shiny, so bulbous and red,

And it didn’t comply with what Mum always said,


She said “When you’re older your spots disappear,

You’ll be left with a skin that’s so perfectly clear”,

Well, that’s just a nonsense, and plainly not true,

As the spot on my nose is now spoiling my view,


I’m perplexed and unhappy, and to my chagrin,

I’ve now found another, right here on my chin,

There are now three or four; I’ve a face full of spots,

I could go get a pen; I could join all the dots,


I’ve always been told that my Mum’s always right,

But I’ve peered in the mirror; I look such a fright,

And if she was right in the things that she said,

Then why have I spots growing out of my head?

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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