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26th March 2019
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Why it’s a corporate newspaper!  Let’s face it, your business is constantly changing and coming up with so many new products and services which will greatly benefit your customers, so why not let them know about it in a corporate newspaper? When you think about newspapers, you may think about the Wall Street Journal or the Huffington Post - these newspapers discuss current events, politics, emerging technologies and much more in the form of short or long news articles. These newspapers are interesting to read and are very popular because they intrigue their readers to want to know more. Why not do that with your customers and prospects? You can create your own corporate newspaper which discusses events, products, services, and other news occurring in your company which is intriguing and, in the end, gets your customers and prospects to want to know more about your company, and to want to do business with it! After all, that is the main goal of any business effort!  This article will discuss the benefits of having a corporate newspaper in detail.

How corporate newspapers can benefit your business…

If your company does not already have a corporate newspaper, it needs one. This is because corporate newspapers discuss the quality of your products and services, and the scope of your company’s goals in-depth. This means that your customers and prospects will feel emotionally attached to your company when they read about its latest products, services, and corporate events. They will feel as though your company is ‘their best friend’ and will want to buy from your business as a result. That’s even better marketing in the end than digital marketing or marketing through traditional channels are because the former method delivers results you can see quickly in the form of more revenue, profit, and more loyal customers.

But not just any corporate newspaper will do…

Quality matters in the world of corporate newspapers, just as it does in the world of regular newspapers. This is why newspapers like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal can justify charging much more for their content - they deliver quality in the events, emerging technologies, and other news that people want to know about in their newspaper articles! Keeping quality in mind, not just any newspaper will do. You want your corporate newspaper to have the crisp format and layout that is professional, will impress your customers, and grab their attention quickly - after all, you only get one chance to make an impression in the corporate world, and first impressions matter! This is why you want to choose for your corporate newspaper print.

Our Format

The format is everything in the world of newspapers. The format makes the difference between a newspaper actually being bought and getting read, or collecting dust on the newsstand. And since most people read their news online now, format matters more than ever because it creates ‘stickiness’ and ‘eyeballs’ - these are some E-commerce jargon terms for attractiveness. These are important because they are some of the key factors which lead to conversions, sales revenue, and profit margins for your company. Remember that these are the lifeblood of any company! At Print Newspaper, we offer the tabloid and broadsheet format.

Tabloid format

Most businesses prefer this layout because it is small, environmentally friendly, and allows their managers to bring their products, services, and other pertinent news and events to life with text and images which are a variety of vivid colors. What’s more is that we use the same ink-jet presses as the professional newspapers, meaning that your corporate newspaper will always look crisp, clean, and professional - this is what your customers and prospects want! Its layout is perfect for those businesses which want their news, products, and other corporate related information printed on paper and with a format which makes for pleasant reading. Moreover, the tabloid format is compact meaning that your information is short, sweet, and to the point - this is exactly what busy customers want.

Broadsheet Format

This is newspaper has a much bigger layout and a much larger format. It is perfect for the projects, artwork, posters, and other related corporate activities which are too big for a general newspaper (which is what the tabloid format is). The broadsheet format is great for news with images which discusses and highlights your corporate message and reinforce your powerful message(s) with artwork - after all, they say that ‘a picture says a thousand words!’ This format is also printed on the same presses that the professional newspapers are, meaning that your corporate message will always appear on a crisp, clean, and professional looking medium, one which is guaranteed to impress your customers and prospects!

And as a final word…

Now that you know the wonders that corporate newspapers can do for your business in terms of greater traffic to your website, more conversions, more sales, revenue, and profit margins, why don’t you call us up today for your first order?

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