Essential things to know about laser diode drivers
27th March 2019
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Due to the recent advancement of blue laser technology, people can easily carve on different materials with an extreme level of precision. In the past, engraving on different materials such as woods, leather etc. was very expensive. But not anymore. You can even buy your personal laser engraving kit and use it to create stunning designs on different materials. Most importantly you can easily operate such device without having strong technical knowledge. But in today’s article, we will talk about laser diode drivers so that you understand the working mechanism of laser engraving technology.

What is a laser diode driver?

The basic functions of a laser diode driver are to ensure precise current flow in the laser diode. It also ensures the safety temperature of the laser diode so that no unexpected issues arise during the working process. To be precise the driver is responsible for powering on the laser diode and ensure a safe working environment. However, some people often referred to the driver as a constant current source. Though there are various classes of laser diode drivers constant currency, pulsing, low power, and high power drivers are the most prominent ones. In the technical industry, they are often called as current controllers, current controllers or laser diode controllers. Let’s see the most popular drivers for lasers manufactured by the reputed companies.


Those who have the technical knowledge or engineering degree can say a lot about the laser diode drivers just by reading the names. This driver operates on a single channel with a current rating of 5-60A. The operation voltage is 3-24V with 20 kHz spectrum.


This laser diode driver also operates on a single channel. The frequency is set to 5 KHz and it is often known as high laser diode driver. In general, the higher power laser diode driver is used for 20W, 40W, 60W and other similar power laser diodes. Most importantly this driver also reduces the noise from logic level parts.


This laser diode driver is equipped with a digital temperature controller circuit and anodized heat sink. By using this laser diode you can easily deal with 10 W power dissipated on power transistors without having any overheating issues. Most importantly this device comes up with a PID algorithm so that it can maintain the set temperature.

By now, you know a lot about best drivers for lasers. So before you buy your personal laser engraving kit make sure you read about the technical parameters of the laser diode drivers so that you can easily adjust the power output from the laser head. Most importantly, having technical knowledge on the laser diode drivers will allow finding an easy replacement for your laser engraving kit. But make sure you buy such drivers from reputed manufacturers like Opt lasers since quality matters a lot when it comes to sophisticated technology. Most importantly, the technical teams of Opt Lasers will be able to help you tremendously to solve unwanted technical issues while using laser engraving kit.

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