Comedic Fun on Friday - Verse by Jan Jack of Perfect Verse
13th August 2010
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A Trip to the Seaside


It’s a lovely sunny day, and we’re all going to the sea,

Mum and Dad, our three small kids, my husband Jack, and me,

Our little car is groaning, as it sets off down the road,

Buckets, spades and swimsuits all weigh down our heavy load,

My husband slams the brakes on, our car stops with shuddering jolt,

The traffic is horrendous, and it’s all coming to a halt,

I fiddle with the radio while Jack just sits and glowers,

The traffic update tells us we’ll be stuck for several hours,

Hi face gets really sulky; now it’s turned a crimson hue,

As a cry comes from our eldest child “Mum, Hannah wants a poo,”

I turn around to Hannah, I say “Darling wait right there,”

Too late, a nasty niff takes hold, begins to fill the air,

Hannah screams so loudly that we both begin to groan

We’re stuck here on the motorway; just two miles from our home,

Mum says “Turn the blower off, it’s messing up my hair,”

And from the back there comes a chorus, “Daddy, are we nearly there?”

©Jan Jack’s Perfect Verse 2010

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