Be My Valentine - Comedic Poetry by Jan Jack
14th February 2011
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Be My Valentine


I hope that you notice my Valentine hint,

If you’re buying me chocolate, it has to be Llindt,

Some flowers from the florist, some bright fragrant blooms,

Not bought at the garage, all wilting with fumes.


I want to eat out, and wear smart clothes that match,

Not drive by McDonalds and whiz past the hatch,

I want some nice undies, some earrings, a ring,

Not a Black Lace CD – heck, they never could sing.


When I ask for some clothes, perhaps a nice winter coat,

Don’t stare at the telly and clutch the remote.

I’d like you to be a considerate lover,

Don’t wriggle and scratch and then pinch all the covers.


Whisper sweet nothings ‘Je t’aime, Je t’adore’

Don’t drop off to sleep, and then rattle and snore,

Could we not have a cuddle or even a kiss,

To confirm the existence of marital bliss?

©Jan Jack 2007

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