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4th May 2010
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Newbury based Calla Salon is delighted to announce the introduction of new treatments from May 10th, that can normally only be experinced by the hands of experts typically at specialist skin care clinics. 

However, as a Registered General Nurse, Lynne Baker from Calla Salon is able to provide these treatments in the privacxy of her relaxing, boutique salon.

Novità Microdermabrasion is fast becoming the most talked about and used Microdermabrasion facial.  It offers a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing by gently exfoliating the outer dead layers of skin.  An exceptional and progressive treatment for ageing skin, lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemish scars, acne, acne scarring, sun damage and much more. Regular treatments stimulate collagen and elastin formation of the skin's underlying scaffolding, resulting in firmer and more rejuvenated skin.

Novità Chemical Peels can help to restore a younger, fresher appearance by removing a layer of skin with a chemical preparation.  As the skin grows back it is smoother with reduced imperfections. 


Calla Salon will be offering three types of peel:


Lactic Peel: a deliciously hydrating and nourishing peel for people with finer, more mature skin types with fine to medium-deep lines.  Visible peeling is not generally associated with this type of peel.


Glycolic Peel: great for any skin type! Thicker, clogged skin types, areas of sun damage, mottled hyper pigmentation and very fine wrinkles will usually be improved by glycolic acid peeling.


BHA Peel: used mainly on the thicker, acne prone, acne scarred, pigmented, clogged, oily, sebaceous skin types. This peel will achieve a greater level of exfoliation.Prices start from £60 for Microdermabrasion and £65 for Skin Peels.



Call now on 01635 813257 for a free consultation – spring clean your skincare routine!”


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