An overview of the most effective mole traps
1st April 2019
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In terms of their effectiveness, best mole traps are one of the best means of dealing with these animals on the site - they, unlike many types of repellents, work stably and allow you to get a very obvious and well tangible result. With the right approach, even self-made krotolovki allow you to quickly catch the animals and not sacrifice comfort in the garden (agree, it is not very pleasant to feel, for example, the smell of rotten fish stuffed in wormholes, or constantly hear the sound of tin cans, mounted on metal pipes) .

At the same time, any mole trap has its own specific and not always convenient features of application, as well as some disadvantages in comparison with the means of scaring. For example:

Traps are generally more difficult to install and use. If, for example, it is enough to just install an electronic mole repeater in the right place of the plot and turn it on, then the trap needs to be properly dug in the place where the moles can get into it, and then the caught animals need to be removed from the site and released (you are not going wait for them to die?);

Traps are harder to make with your own hands than most popular means of scaring;

And finally, even if you buy the most effective mole traps, this will not save the site from periodic penetration of new animals without additional measures. So, talking about the 100% efficiency of mole traps is also not necessary. However, not everything is so bad here - as practice shows, even getting rid of 10-15 moles, sometimes it is possible to create conditions for the rapid decline of the entire population living in the nearby territory, as a result of which the “invasion” will occur less and less, and then stop altogether. .

If it is possible to catch even 10-15 moles with the help of traps, then the number of their populations in the nearby territory will decrease with a high probability itself.

Well, if the mole scarers in your area do not work, then it may be time to test how effective the traps will be.

It should be borne in mind that traps for moles are different - they differ both in their effectiveness in different situations and in the principle of operation and, moreover, in their humanity: some devices kill moles, and some catch them alive. Let's see what option might be preferable in ordinary country conditions …

Life traps or lethal traps?

All means of catching moles can be divided into two types:

Lif traps, allowing to catch the animal, without causing him harm, the so-called living traps of different designs allow you to catch moles alive.

Traps of a lethal effect (traps, snares of different types, fishing hooks, etc.), either immediately killing an animal when caught, or injuring it so severely that the probability of its subsequent survival is minimal. Unfortunately, many people also actively use traps of lethal action.

The results of the use of these types of traps show that the effectiveness of the animals has the same effect as the means leading to the death of moles. The question of the use of a particular type of device ultimately boils down only to whether the landlord is not too lazy to constantly take out the caught animals outside the garden and release them to freedom.

Based on humane considerations, traps and snares are significantly inferior to live traps, and if it is possible to rid the garden of moles without killing animals, then it is better to prefer the sparing option. The use of mole-killing devices is little more than justified slaughter.

In most cases, getting rid of moles at the dacha is possible without killing them.

Further, the word "traps" will be meant primarily as live traps, in which the mole is caught alive and unharmed. However, we will also look at various traps - in order to show what sadistic methods today individual summer residents are trying to deal with nature on their plots.

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