4 Tips for Starting a New Career in UK
20th March 2019
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Whether you’re a fresh out of college or a professional who’s looking to change careers, starting from scratch and applying for jobs can be tricky and, often, discouraging at first. There’s a lot of competition in the job market today, so you need to make yourself and your resume stand out from other applications.

Here are some tips on starting a new career in the United Kingdom:

1. Register on a Job Hunting Site

Technology has made it easier for hiring managers to post about job vacancies in their companies and connect with applicants through job hunting sites. LinkedIn is a social networking platform that concentrates on establishing connections with companies and professionals. Create a professional account to stay updated on job ads posted by the UK companies you want to work with. You can also findjobs on Gumtree and other job websites.

2. Craft a Winning Resume and Cover Letter

Your curriculum vitae or CV, or resume, and cover letter serve as your first contact with the recruiter. It is crucial that you fine-tune the details in these documents to make a favourable impression with the hiring manager. These are the details that should be included in your CV:

  • Personal information

Relevant personal details like your name, email address, contact number, and address are necessary for the recruiter to get in touch with you if you qualify for the job. Present this part clearly at the top of the resume.

  • Work experience

List down your work experience including the company you previously worked with, your job title, and the years you spent with them. Arrange them in chronological order, with the most recent one on the top of the list.

  • Achievements

In relation to your work experience, note down the things you have accomplished or contributed to your previous employer. Those who are just beginning to get their foot in the door of their dream industries should list down relevant achievements that can help your future employer see how you’ll fit in their company.

  • Educational Background

You also need to list down which school you went to, along with the dates. This lets the hiring manager know how well-equipped you are to handle the tasks that await you when you get the job.

Your cover letter is essential, too, after youpick the right career. This is because it’s the part where you can infuse your personality to your application and tailor yourself to a particular role. A well-crafted cover letter can set your application apart from the pool of applicants waiting for that coveted interview schedule with the recruiter.

3. Get a Coach

A consultant from a reputable recruitment agency can help you. There are many specialized fields now and you want to find a job that has a stable income as well as one where you have room to grow. Specialist recruiters can inform you about the hiring processes in the UK and they can also guide you about the skills necessary in your chosen industry.


Have arecruitment coach train you on transformational leadership which teaches you to set clear goals and aim high. It also prepares you for promotions because leading people is not a skill that rank-and-file employees can quickly master. Equip yourself now at the beginning of your career so that you have a longer time to establish expertise in this area.

4. Build Your Network

Start laying the foundation for your career by establishing connections in the industry. Networking is essential for your job search since the people you know can help you look for work that you’re qualified for and refer you to them. You can add professional acquaintances on LinkedIn and check vacancies in their companies. These are some steps you can do to expand your career network:

  • Join professional organizations

Aside from connecting with people in your chosen industry online, attend networking events like trade meetings and conferences that are organized by people with the same professional interests as you in person. This way, you open your doors to more potential network contacts.

  • Connect with your school

You can gain additional contacts with people who went to the same college or university as you by contacting your alumni association andcareer services office. Attend alumni gatherings as well to be introduced to alumni who succeeded in the same career path you chose.


Searching for a job can be frustrating. You will encounter rejections. However, brush it off and look for another company where you’ll fit in perfectly with the culture. It pays to remind yourself of the accomplishments you were able to achieve and the handy skills you gained along the way.

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