2012 Olympic Torch Relay comes to Thatcham and Newbury, West Berkshire
11th July 2012
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The residents and workers of Thatcham turned out in force this morning, to welcome the Olympic Torch relay through the town, on route to Newbury.

Hundreds of people lined the A4 to witness the much quoted “once in a life time event” of the Olympic Flame passing through our local area. 

What was a very upbeat and good natured spectator event, I’m not sure who was having more fun, the many, many school children who were benefitting from time out of class, or the vast numbers of Thames Valley police on duty.  From those in squad cars or vans, who were taking every opportunity to set off sirens or the motorcycle outriders who were clearly, enjoying high fiving the crowd as they rode past!

The entourage of sponsors vehicles and security clearly help create an overall carnival atmosphere entertaining the crowds, who after all, are in reality only treated to a fleeting glimpse of the torch and flame as it passes by.  The local councils must also be acknowledged for their foresight of providing and handing out free flags for the spectators, helping a large majority to avoid being fleeced by opportunist “souvenir sellers”.

In all, even the cynics and those claiming not to be interested in the Olympics, couldn’t have failed to have been a little uplifted by what has no doubt been one of the brighter and more cheery moments in this dreary summer!

If you’ve got some photos of the Olympic Torch Relay through Thatcham and Newbury and want to share them, then please do post them on our Facebook page:


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