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Aberdulais Golf Range & Academy, Neath

This range used to be really good several years back but now it's terrible. The balls are so old and dilapidated that I've recently had to take two half baskets back and ask for beter balls. Also the mats are old, bald and a few of them are ripped, it's like hitting off concrete. The yardage markers have fallen over and broken. The netting around the edge of the perimiter is all broken which is a safety issue for cars coming in and out of the range. I only live in neath and visit here about once a week out of convenience but I've had enough now so I'll happily drive to Gowerton where the range is top class, i know about 20 other golfers who feel the same. The range owners need to invest some money back into the range, get better facilities and the golfers will come back. You get the sense that they don't care and that the restaurant side of the business takes president.