Best of Neath Members Gain Over £1m in Local Business
20th September 2008
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It is great to know that local Neath businesses have really benefited by being part of The Best of Neath. The Best of Neath has been running now for two years and last year we kept a track as best as we could on business that has been done through our members or via the internet. I am proud to say that through the website, word of mouth and the network evenings, Best of Neath businesses have gained over £1m in new business, business that might have gone elsewhere had it not been directed to Neath businesses.

It is a fact that what academics call 'referral marketing' really works through word of mouth, referrals, recommendations etc. by putting people in contact with something or someone they are looking for. That is why as a Best of Neath member it is so important to come to the network evenings as these support the other strategies that we employ to gain business either through the testimonials, website etc.

We have almost 100 businesses signed up for our network evening at the Blue Bell Hotel in Neath on 24th September where we are going to launch the 1000 testimonial month. October is going to be Testimonial month. By attending the evening it will help your business tremendously.

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