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Is Search Engine Marketing difficult? Not with SEO Site builder. Businesses and clients with the Best of Neath have an opportunity to use SEO Site Builder for their web marketing

Starting a new business or want to refresh your current one? Maybe you have a website that is not found within the major search engines for either a search for your business or type of business?

Do you know why?

Websites that are SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly get higher ranking points with major search engines, websites that are not written behind the content with SEO in mind do not get noticed.

What is the solution?

Create a website that is search engine optimised.

How can I do that and is it expensive?

The SEO Startup from the Microsoft Award Winning, makes having a professional website easy, affordable and completely controlled by you.

It is important now for all businesses to have a website and for that website to be found in the search engines, if you can’t be found you can’t compete!


We have created a revolutionary new product called the SEO Startup.  Specifically designed for new and start-up companies, this product has been tested and proven to work. There are now more and more companies benefiting from having their own self managed SEO Startup website. 

It all sounds very complicated?

Not with SEO Startup. It is very simple to use and specifically designed with people with no technical knowledge.  We guide you through with our tutorial videos inserting appropriate keywords and meta descriptions along with your content for the business you are running.

What do the experts think?

“We found SEO Startup delightfully easy to use!” 

“So let’s be clear. What you get with SEO Startup is a very easy-to-use tool that lets you build a professional web presence…”

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What is the Cost?

To Best of Neath members or through the best of Neath feature it is only £200 + VAT by clicking the link below.

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