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Monmouth Town Football Club has an ambition to be the best amateur football club in Wales. With junior teams for children aged from six to 16 and a first XI that is rapidly climbing the Welsh League, the club certainly has a lot to offer. Known as '€˜The Kingfishers'€™, the club is based at Chippenham Sports Ground with facilities that include a bar and online shop. Monmouth Town Football Club - the beautiful game in a beautiful place.



Monmouth Town Football Club has been an important part of the town since the early 1900s. Today it has more than 150 junior players and a first XI that is rapidly climbing the Welsh League. For the 2012-2013 season we find ourselves in Division 1, after steady promotion through the leagues over the last 5 years.

The club prides itself on the quality its football as well as its strong sense of community, welcome to visiting teams and commitment to fair play. It has an award winning match day programme and, according to popular opinion, one of the best club songs ever - complete with cheesy clapping, appalling lyrics and proper football chanting. Regular soccer schools and a summer football tournament are held for the junior teams.

The club has excellent support locally - although we'd always like more - perhaps best shown through its president, well known TV presenter and local resident, Lisa Rogers.

Monmouth Town is looking ahead with ambition, with plans for a new pitch, increased community involvement - including ownership: see The Five Pound Football Club below - and a target of topping the Welsh League by 2015. Watch this space!

The Five Pound Football Club

Monmouth Town is the first community interest football club in Wales. The club is part-owned by the Five Pound Football Club, a community of football fans who want to support the game by sharing their passion, knowledge and resources. So for just five pounds you too could become one of the owners of Monmouth Town Football Club.

You and the other owners will decide how to invest the funds that we raise each season so that Monmouth Town can continue its exciting development. And you can increase your authority (up to a maximum amount) by investing more money.

For more information please visit:

Why 'The Kingfishers'?

In the 1930s Monmouth was home to a thriving Kingfisher population, attracting ornithologists from all over the country. Legend has it that in 1936 severe spring floods almost wiped out the Kingfishers, but one breeding pair was saved. These birds had built their nest in a deflated football that became lodged on the riverbank, protecting them from the flooding.

Although never proven, it was likely that the ball had been lost during a game at the town's football ground. So the Kingfishers owed their survival on Monmouth's rivers to one loose kick of the ball. At the start of the 2005/6 season, Monmouth Town adopted the nickname 'The Kingfishers' in recognition of this legend.


If you're a young person who wants to play football, a keen football fan who wants to get involved with our club or just someone who fancies a great Saturday afternoon out, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

Monmouth Town Football Club, Chippenham Sports Ground, Monmouth.



Lee Robson, Chairman, on 07791 073710

Tim Barnard, Secretary, on 07771 927926

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