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Tom Lloyd-Jones
Member since: 12th April 2018
Last login: 4th November 2019
Hometown: Market Harborough
Tom is a CIM-qualified professional marketeer, writer and blogger with a background in hi-tech sales and education. He has experience producing local retail in-house magazines, advertorials, articles, digital and print content, as well as running customer loyalty schemes and miscellaneous PR.
Tom is also an enormous sports fan and semi-professional musician, endlessly practising and polishing guitar and vocal skills and playing in public, since 1986. He can be found performing in pubs, at fetes and at parties around the Langton villages, as well as venues between Leicestershire and London.
When not following Chelsea FC avidly, he writes politics, music, sports and other content, and has been published in top music industry publications. Tom also wrote MR and 'thought pieces' for a top social purpose, non-profit sector marketing agency, as well as on-line match reports, in London, where he was a business development manager before moving to Market Harborough, teaching and attending business school.