Waterloo Cottage Farm
  • 34 Harborough Road
    Great Oxendon
    Market Harborough
    LE16 8NA
Award winning Waterloo Cottage Farm truly is a community venture with community values at its core. From a gardening project and farm shop to sausage-making and butchery master classes, they serve local people with excellent local produce that does not harm the environment in its creation.


Waterloo Cottage Farm in Great Oxendon, near Market Harborough, Leicestershire, is indeed a unique modern business which goes back in time.

Sadly, studies have shown that most food sold today has less nutritional value than pre-war food due to poor soils, use of fertilisers and pesticides.

But Angus and Kirsty Clarke have worked passionately for the last 8 years to bring back the values of sustainable farming to once again produce great tasting food that is actually good for our health.

The Waterloo Cottage Farm shop, butchery and food school started in 2010 because Angus had a dream to produce meat that he knew came from healthy, well cared for and locally reared animals.

“Highest animal welfare, no antibiotics ever used in the meat,
it's highly nutritious and it consistently tastes great!”



As winners of the Food & Beverage Achiever of the Year Award in the Carlsberg Northamptonshire Food and Drink Awards 2016/17
, Waterloo Cottage Farm’s customers are assured that meat coming from their 125 acre fields and straight onto their table is always natural, completely traceable and tasty, and sourced from animals fed on food that their bodies were designed for, eating grass and not grain. 



The farm’s cattle, sheep and pigs are all pasture fed on high protein, moving them in a way that reduces the need for any chemicals. Why? - because pasture fed beef and lamb is better for human health than grain fed in so many different ways, and it provides lower cholesterol and higher Omega3 in the meat.  In fact all chemicals are avoided on the land they graze except in medical emergencies, and under such circumstances the animals are removed from the food chain.

"Fabulous village shop. We are lucky enough to have Waterloo Cottage Farm as our local village shop. However, it is most unlike most village stores! We can get the freshest and best quality meat for miles around knowing it has travelled the minimum distance from farm to plate and that the animal's welfare is of the upmost importance. The variety of stock in the shop means I have been bailed out many times when needing something for impromptu meals. Fab place." Carolyn J. April 14, 2017

"What we feed our animals determines how good their meat is for us...."

A visit to the farm shop is both a delight and an education!

You can buy chemical free and seasonal vegetables, and when available produce from Waterloo Cottage's own Community Garden.

Sausages are gluten free and made in 3 flavours each week on a Thursday - all your favourite flavours available in the freezer. You can even enrol on a sausage making course at just £30 per person. What a great present that would be!


You can order Waterloo Cottage meat, deli, ready meals, milk, yoghurts, bread (all locally made) through the shop or online at Edible16 by Wednesday night.



Their Christmas turkeys come from Fosse Meadows Farm in North Kilworth - their membership of the Traditional Farmfresh Turkey Association means the free-range bronze turkeys are grown to a high independent standard, one that they uphold for its principles of welfare, quality and artisan methods to ensure the very best turkey for Christmas.


We highly recommend a visit to Waterloo Cottage Farm and the farm shop. There's always something going on including: 

"Food and Wine Tasting
Every Saturday 11am - 3pm."

They choose wine each week that they feel matches perfectly with the food they cook.

Find out more about the benefits of sustainable farming and how you can buy healthier and much better tasting food to give you more energy and a much improved well being.

There are some great special offers to look out for as well, including the special 'Weekly Meat Box', which feeds a family of four for a week, enabling you to buy great food at very affordable prices:



Call in or ring them on 01858 467158

Just say 'The Bestof Market Harborough sent you'

or you can visit their website here.

Opening Hours:

Wed - Fri: 9am - 7pm
         Sat: 8am - 4pm
        Sun: 10am - 1pm



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