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    8b Church Street
    Market Harborough
    LE16 7AA
The Relax Lounge salon in Church Street, Market Harborough offers a modern and convenient method of massage with their therapeutic massage chairs, giving you a luxurious head to toe massage to relieve the stresses of the day. Contact-free with your own private space, it's the perfect way to lift yourself in as little as just 30 minutes of your day!

Isn't it great when a new business opens up in the town that really addresses the needs of the local population?

Relax Lounge has already caught the imagination of scores of people in Market Harborough and the surrounding region who have 'nipped in' to the salon for a 30 minutes (or less) massage chair experience in their own private cubicle and walked away completely rejuvinated for the rest of the day! The environment is spotlessly clean, being thoroughly cleansed after each session, has top rated highly comfortable equipment and provides complete privacy from other users of the service.


Massage Chair services are of course nothing new - they've been very popular in many Asian countries in particular for decades, delivering multiple health benefits and the priceless feeling of well being. So when David and Gene Crane realised how generally inaccessable these essential services are in most parts of the UK, Relax Lounge was born - right here in Market Harborough!

"A great idea and nice relaxing surroundings. In the post COVID era to be able to have a nice relaxing massage with no hand contact and being able to be fully clothed may prove to be a game changer."

Paul Simpson - (Facebook June '21)

"A very relaxing environment and The massage chairs do the job well. Will come back again soon for sure. Luxurious experience - definitely worth a try. You won't regret it."

Simona Maria Pop - (Facebook: June '21)

The Relax Lounge salon is in Church Street and caters for all people whether you've experienced a massage chair service before or not. Staff are on hand to demonstrate the chair's advanced multiple choice programmes and you'll just relax listening to the soothing music while letting the chair do its magic. Prices are very reasonable and are often subject to tempting offers. You'll be offered a screened private cubicle, but there are twin chair cubicles available if you'd prefer to share the occasion with a friend or partner. Some cubicles are wide enough to take a pram so you can even massage while your baby sleeps beside you.



So Why Would You Want A Massage?

Well, here's the science bit: The health benefits of having a regular massage have been well documented and accepted for centuries. In fact 'massage' has been widely prescribed as a highly effective treatment for better mobility, muscle recovery, and relieving general aches and joint pains.

It’s also very effective in treating neck stiffness, upper and lower back conditions, as well as being medically recognised as a great 'stress and anxiety buster'!

Here's a few more listed benefits:

  • Improves Blood Circulation
  • Enhances Muscle Recovery (after a workout or run)
  • Helps in Inducing Better Sleep
  • Relieves Pain From Sore Muscles
  • Can be an Excellent Remedy for Lower Back Pain
  • Relieves Stiff Neck Problems
  • Can Simulate Chiropractic Manouvers for Sciatica
  • Boosts the Natural Immunity of the Body
  • Improves Mental Fitness and Brain Stimulation
  • Gives an Energy Boost and Enhances General Wellness

The problem is massage is not widely available - and during the covid pandemic, it's been near impossible to access conventional massage treatments because of necessary human contact. Unsupervised basic massage chairs, which operate without the need of human contact are usually only available in cinema, motorway services or airport environments and they've been mostly closed down.


So, we highly recommend you call in at Relax Lounge in Church Street, Market Harborough and ask for a brochure. You can ask any questions, book a session if you like or if they're not too busy, why not try a session there and then? You don't need any special clothing - just come as you are.

I know you're going to love it - so enjoy!

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