The Clear Advantages of Backing Up Your Data Files.
7th February 2015
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As much as we rely on technology, it can often be unreliable - especially when we need it most. Think about how we have made a giant leap forward in the way we keep and manage our files and important data, with most of the documents being digitalised, meaning that they are safe forever, right?

Not exactly, that oh so (un)reliable technology can often mean our downfall with a number of problems that can lead to your data being compromised or lost entirely. This could be a system crash, or a computer virus or some other complicated IT mumbojumbo - and it could happen at any time.

Which is why it is of paramount importance for you and your company to have a suitable data back up plan in place, so when the unthinkable does happen, you are much more prepared and ready to face the problem. An IT problem will slow your company down but don't let it knock you down completely!

The advantages of backing up all of your important data are clear and outweigh the time and hassle it takes to set up a working data back up plan, but how should you go about backing up your data?

You can go the fancy futuristic route of backing up all of your data files to an online system, saving them in the cloud, so you can access them from any device with no need of any extra hardware that could be lost. We have seen this method popularly utilised by Apple with photos and contact details, so why not apply this idea to your company's back up plan?

There is also the good old fashioned hardware back up, saving all of your important files to a disc, hard drive or memory pen that you can keep in a safe place for when the unthinkable happens and all you have to do is connect your piece of hardware to a computer and you are back in business.

Why not be extra safe and utilise both methods of data back up?  Don't fall into the trap of thinking "these things happen to other people" and take precautionary action today!

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