New camera car helps schools keep children safe on roads
16th June 2017
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A new CCTV camera car is to be deployed outside Manchester schools, to help enforce parking safety and protect pupils from harm.

The new car, which increases the city’s fleet of parking enforcement vehicles to three, will collect the necessary evidence to issue £70 Penalty Charge Notices to drivers who break the law by parking on school zigzag lines, which must be kept clear. 

The extra enforcement vehicle increases Manchester City Council’s support of schools in their efforts to promote road safety to parents and carers.

Green End Primary School, on Burnage Lane, has experienced real problems with parents parking illegally on zigzag lines outside the school. 

Head of School Jeffery Harriott says that while the school have worked hard with Greater Manchester Police and the council to promote road safety to parents, the deployment of CCTV cars has proved to be a particularly effective way to improve the situation.

Mr Harriott said: “Illegal parking on the zigzags is a massive problem and extremely unsafe for children crossing the road, because it blocks the view of people entering and exiting the school. 

“We’ve done everything from sending letters home, to having teachers and pupils patrol outside in hi-vis jackets, to a competition for pupils to design road safety banners, to assemblies. However, we find that when a CCTV car is deployed, it makes a huge difference.

“It’s simply about keeping the children safe. We need drivers to consider our pupils and the people who live on the surrounding roads and stop parking illegally outside our school.”

The new car will work seven days per week, both on school patrols and also by detecting untaxed vehicles and repeat parking fine evaders. It has been funded by reinvesting money raised through parking charges and fines. All surplus money from such fines and charges is ploughed back into parking services and highway improvement projects. 

Executive Member for the Environment, Councillor Angeliki Stogia, said: "Pupil safety is the top priority for schools across city and when it comes to driving responsibly around schools, we know that the majority of parents and carers are doing the right thing.

“However, some people are still causing issues by parking dangerously, so we are providing this new CCTV car, which will help to support the efforts that schools are making themselves to promote road safety.

"Children’s safety must be the first priority for everyone and we will continue to carry out enforcement work across the city to ensure this.”

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