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Eyemasters, Hastings

Richard is clearly an expert in his line of work. Take him your latest and previous optician's prescriptions and talk to him for 10 minutes or so about your lifestyle, and he will advise you on the best eyewear for you, help you decide what you want, then produce it for you at very reasonable cost. Having used a single pear of "Jack of all trades" glasses for the past 4 years, I took my prescriptions to Richard and ended up with three pairs: everyday spectacles, sunglasses for really bright days or lengthy times outdoors and a pair of night driving glasses that reduce the glare from oncoming headlights - all for only slightly more than I would have paid for the all-in-one compromise glasses. Richard also offers advice that, once given, seems obvious, but never occurred to me before. For instance, I should keep my previous prescription glasses in my car in case I need them in an emergency - it is no good having them safely at home if I need them then out and about. Richard is also a lovely man: easy to talk to and very gentle. Highly recommended!