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Time For You, Lisburn

Rip-offs. Very poor service. Home grown cleaners with no professionalism whatsoever. Since we couldnʼt afford anyone else, we were stuck with them for a year, during which we got 7 cleaners changed! Some would not show up on time. Some did not know how to clean. Some were rude. Some just didnʼt show up at all! Breaking the contract was a nightmare. For 6 weeks we had NO cleaner at all and were promised a refund. However by the end of the contract, they conned us out of the 6 weeks after going into a complete denial that all that never happened. We then complained to the main head office, even to the director all in vain. Overall it was the worst experience ever. The cleaners left the place dirty and would at times skip sections in the house, later denying they ever did so. Would NOT recommend to ANYONE.